Joe Zawinul

(July 7th 1932 – September 11th 2007)

Ten years without Joe Zawinul. Pianist, keyboardist and jazz musician from Austria. He emigrated to USA. He collaborated with Miles Davis during the 70s. He improved and innovated a lot. He was a creator. Nowadays, when the world runs so quickly, that everything is forgettable, where we prise such trivial things, we want to remember the importance of this great musician.

Jordi Viladoms, September 11th 2017


El claustre i Toni Cassany. 30 anys de pintura.

By David Pagès i Cassú

This book is about the landscape painter Toni Cassany (Girona, 1962). It is accurately illustrated with Toni Cassanys’ pictures, drawings and photos. The main topic is “L’Empordà”. All the pictures are gorgeous, expressing magisterially the different lights of the day. The colours transport the reader to the real landscapes.
David Pagès i Cassú (Sant Joan de Mollet, 1968), is the book author, and most of the writings. He makes a great selection of literary texts to describe the awesome landscapes painted by Cassany.
A fantastic book where the two authors Cassany and Pagès find each other, with an explosion of colours and letters. Both are Language and Literature teachers. This book offers us a world of sensations and sensibility.

En Felip Marlot i les clavegueres

By Joaquim Carbó
Illustrated by Òscar Julve

Barcanova, 2016

This is the seventh book of Felip Marlot character written by Joaquim Carbó (Caldes de Malavella, 1932).

Book Summary:
Felip Marlot travels to the city sewers, with his young friend Enriquet who needs to do a school homework. Marlot observes a peculiar man who seems to live under the city. That it’s the main clue to resolve a new case.

Jordi Viladoms’ Article:
Felip Marlot is a classic. The first book of this series appeared in 1979, drew by Maria Rius (Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat). During all these years, read the adventures of that detective enjoy us the same, thanks to Joaquim Carbó’s imagination and welfare.
“En Felip Marlot i les Clavagueres” is the seventh book of this series. Òscar Julve illustrates it humorously, his drawings are funny and describe perfectly a vivid reality. He´s a current illustrator who you enjoy following him a lot.
The previous books are: “Felip Marlot i les Joies” drew by Pau Bassolí. “Un dia en la vida d’en Felip Marlot” and “Les vacances d’en Felip Marlot” both drew by Òscar Julve.
This series was published in comic too. Francesc Infante was the drawer of all these pages. He did an admirable job. Thanks to the magisterial lines the characters have an incredible personality, and the atmosphere is very accurate.
These pages appeared in the Cavall Fort magazine, and it’s published too by Columna editorial in an album form.

En Miquelet i els estels

By Joaquim Carbó
Illustrated by Montse Tobella

Baula, 2016

Book Summary:
Miquelet and his father make a paper kite following an old book instructions. When they are finished, joining with Maria and Jaume, they try to fly the kite. They discover flying a kite could be quite an adventure.

Jordi Viladoms Article:
This is the fourth tale of Miquelet created by Joaquim Carbó and Montse Tobella for the youngest children. These tales are full of love for the nature. Joaquim Carbó shows us his curiosity and sense of observation. Montse Tobella’s illustrations are gorgeous, and her personal and original technic surprise us. These tales are full of tenderness, and I recommend them.
The previous books of these series are: “En Miquelet i les formigues”, “La selva d’en Miquelet”, “En Miquelet i els cucuts”.