She is cheerful and outgoing. He is wise and shy. She is nervous and attracts trouble. He is quiet and does not like to get in trouble. They immerse themselves in unexpected and funny situations. They are amusing!


They are Pesquis’ parents. The mother is a school teacher. The father is a department store employee.


Baliga’s mother is a sculptor. Her sculptures are in many exhibitions. She’s very successful. Jasmine is an artist.


Baliga’s father. He’s a musician. Richard and Jasmine were born in a Central Africa country.


She’s Pesquis’ aunty. She believes in esotericism. She likes painting pictures. She spends many hours studying paranormal phenomena.


She is very intelligent. She loves technology. She builds her own robots.


They are good friends who help everybody when it’s necessary. Pol is very strong. Oriol is a bit distracted.


She’s their sporty friend. She loves running, jumping, playing team sports… She is very agile.


Our two friends go to all his concerts. Thanks, of that they have become friends. Even they got him out of some trouble.


 grandparents by Viladoms

They are his Grandparents. Our two friends enjoy spending hours at their homes, because each time they discover interesting, ancient and curious things.


Mr. Eliseu by Viladoms

He is an unfriendly neighbour. He’s always angry. The children bother him. He doesn’t like current things.


Mr. Cisquet by Viladoms

He is a very nice neighbour. He is very dynamic and he likes participating in all the events of the neighbourhood. He’s always willing to help everybody.


Pep Manetes by Viladoms

He dreams with the robbery of his life, and become a very rich man, but he is an harmless thief… Our friends always prevent his plans.
Bull and Queta by Viladoms

They are our friends’ pets. The dog is large, but he’s a bit wuss. The monkey is very clever and funny.


L'escurçó by Viladoms

These children are terrible! They always look for trouble. Neighbours are disappointed with them.